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Plastic Injection Molding
Feman tooling injection mold factory china is skilled in building various plastic injection parts. For years in the plastic injection molding china industry,  with accumulated knowledge and experience. We have built up our own product library to better serve and contribute to our customers. Our faith is always to grow together.
Injection Molding Style
Injection Molding Material
Material is an essential part in injection manufacturing molding. Thousand kinds of material around us. Therefore Feman plastic injection molding inc would benefit a lot to have a good command of knowledge in the basic and common material. Femann will share with you our experience.

Feman Tooling is an injection mold china maker that specializes in plastic & die casting mold design and building, who offers full-service custom injection molding including design, prototype samples making, tool building, revision & modification, accessory JIG & Fixture, plastic mold production up to 250T capacity and precision components making.

With years of experience and excellent machinery, Feman plastic injection molding factory always provides customer high-quality plastic mold, die casting, plastic parts and precision components, molds for automotive, medical, House & Office Appliances and packaging etc. Feman custom plastic molding china's background and excellent program & production management will greatly benefit your business, you can bet your business on.

High Quality, Short Lead-time, Best Service! 

  • Mold
    High quality, Short leadtime, Best service.
  • Equipment
    Precision and efficiency CNC, EDM, WIRECUT ect.
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    Know more about Feman plastic injection molding.
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