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Prototype Samples Making

Prototype samples of plastic injection molding products are basic working samples, mockups, models, or just simulations of actual products, and other forms (final products and variants) are developed on this basis.

The main motivation for prototyping is to verify the design of the actual product. Sometimes, creating prototype samples is called implementation, because this is the first step in converting a virtual or conceptual design into an actual physical form.

It is a preliminary version of the actual product developed for the following purposes:

  • Verify plastic mold design,

  • Introduce to investors or licensees

  • Intellectual Property Protection,

  • Eliminate the knots in manufacturing,

  • Test and improve products.

We could make a prototype sample while if it is necessary. Our products have good quality with competitive injection molding price, if you need plastic injection molding products, please contact us without hesitation.