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ABS Injection Molding

ABS Injection Molding

Plastic ABS resin is the polymer with the largest output and the most extensive application. It organically unifies the various properties of PB, PAN and PS, and has excellent mechanical properties of toughness, rigidity and rigid phase balance.

As a reliable ABS plastic injection molding manufacturer, Feman supplies ABS with excellent comprehensive physical and mechanical properties and good low-temperature impact resistance. Dimensional stability. Good electrical properties, wear resistance, chemical resistance, dyeing, finished product processing and mechanical processing.

ABS plastic made by ABS moulding is high in strength, light in weight, large in surface hardness, very smooth, easy to clean, stable in size, good in creep resistance and suitable for electroplating. Its field of application is still expanding. ABS plastic is widely used in industry. ABS plastic injection molding is commonly used to make shells, boxes, parts, toys, etc. Extruded products are mostly plates, rods, pipes, etc., which can be hot pressed, compound processed and modeled.

Properties of ABS Injection Molding Resin

Properties of ABS Injection Molding Resin
Properties of ABS Injection Molding Resin

Good overall performance, high impact strength, chemical stability, good electrical performance.


Good fusion with 372 plexiglass, widely used in two-color plastic parts, and the surface can be chrome plated and painted. 


There are high impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame retardant, reinforcement, transparency and other levels.


Liquidity is a little worse than HIPS, better than PMMA, PC, etc., and flexible.


It is suitable for making general mechanical parts, wear-reducing and wear-resistant parts, transmission parts and telecommunication parts.

ABS lnjection Molding Requirement

  • Drying Temperature 60-80 °C

  • Drying Time 2.0-3.0 hr

  • Suggested Moisture Content <=0.20 %

  • Rear Barrel Temperature 180-220 °C

  • Middle Barrel Temperature 190-230 °C

  • Front Barrel Temperature 210-240 °C

  • Nozzle Temperature 200-240 °C

  • Mold Temperature 40-80 °C

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