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  • What's kind of mold can we make?

    With years experience, Feman Tooling provides customer single shot mold, 2k mold, cold runner&hot runner mold, gas assistance mold, lens mold, unscrewing mold, high precision connerctor mold, cable tie mold etc.

  • What kinds of molds we strenght in?

    Feman make excellent 2K molds and Automotive interior parts and lighting system parts. These take over 70% of our annual output. 

  • What size of molds you can build and how about the max one?

    Normal size we build is 500*600mm, the biggest mold we make is around 1200*1500. Mold weight less than 10 Ton. 

  • How many molds we can make for each year?

    The annual mold output is around 200-300 sets. Each month 20-30 sets. 

  • Do we have injection machine?

    There are 7 injection machines in-house for mold trial and production.  Machine size range form 50Ton-250Ton. 

  • How can you guaranty the lead-time and offer best service to us?

    Each job is assigned a single Program Manager who is taking care all of your program, keep the communication with you daily, report the latest progress with picture to you weekly. Good communication, fast in responding, no excuse, just make it work. That's how we do business with you.

  • How can you guaranty the molds , production and precision components quality?

    Most of our machine were imported from Japan, they have very high precision machining performance, our workers have worked in mold Industrial more than 10 years, we are the best one you can bet business on.

  • Who we are?

    Feman Tooling specializes in plastic mold, die casting die building and precision components making.

  • What's our main business?

    Feman Tooling provides customer plastic injection molds, die casting die, precision machine work, JIG&Fixtures and plastic part molded up on 250T Capacity.