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Insert Molding

Insert Molding

Insert molding process is kind of a special injection molding style in the traditional molding process. Now are wildly used in the injection industry. In our daily life that we can see many plastic products are produced together with the metal parts. The traditional way to achieve this, people first make the plastic parts, the metal parts that will be combined with the plastic parts by Laser, hot melting etc. This is a kind of tedious process and required huge manual works. With insert molding occurs, we no-longer worried about this process. Normally the metal parts will be put together into a mold on the injection machine. The metal parts will be hold inside the mold by some special structure or fixture and then will be molded together with plastic. 

Insert injection molding process, unlike unscrewing mould, is wildly used in many industries. Feman tooling is an expert making the insert molding. With years of injection experience we successfully making the products for many customers and is highly appreciated. 

insert moulding
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