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Uscrew Injection Molding

Uscrew Injection Molding

Unscrew injection molding, as its name implied, there is the thread in the plastic part for easy assemble and connection with other screw parts. Unscrewing injection mold design is common in our daily life as we can see the caps from our bottles. This is kind of a very basic and normal molding product from Feman unscrewing mold manufacturer, a pioneer of injection moulding die manufacturer

The Introduction of Unscrewing Mould

Unscrew molding is a very important form of plastic injection molding china. Unscrew molding technology is becoming more and more mature in China unscrewing mold manufacturer. However, many mold factories cannot really master the technical essentials. The injection mold unscrewing mechanism has very strict requirements for the entire mold manufacturing and processing because of their assembly performance. Unscrew mold is divided into internal thread mold and external thread mold. Externally threaded molds can generally be realized by sliders in the mold, but the precision is very high. Internally threaded molds generally require the cooperation of the core pulling structure.

Feman, China unscrewing mold supplier, specializes in manufacturing unscrewing mould. Years of industry experience have given us a deep understanding and knowledge of unscrewing mold. We have made many kinds of packaging lids, pipes, connectors. If you are looking for a real unscrew mold manufacturer, please choose us. We will serve you the best, high quality unscrewing mold mechanism and products. 

Cases From Feman Unscrewing Mold Supplier

Uscrew Injection Molding
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Auto Unscrewing Injection Mold Design Solutions

Auto unscrewing injection mold design solutions are used to produce threaded or screw-shaped plastic parts. These molds incorporate mechanisms that automatically rotate the mold core during the ejection process to release the threaded part from the mold. The unscrewing mold design involves the integration of specialized components, such as hydraulic or mechanical systems, to achieve controlled and precise rotation. This design ensures accurate thread formation and eliminates the need for manual unscrewing. Unscrewing molds offer efficient production of threaded plastic components, providing design flexibility and reducing assembly time. By utilizing unscrewing mold design, manufacturers can streamline the production process and achieve high-quality threaded plastic parts with ease.

Injection Mold Unscrewing Mechanism

An injection mold unscrewing mechanism is a specialized feature in the design of molds used in injection molding. It allows for the production of threaded or screw-shaped plastic parts by automatically rotating the mold core during the ejection process. The unscrewing mechanism typically consists of a rotating assembly integrated into the mold, which is actuated by hydraulic or mechanical systems. As the mold opens, the rotating assembly rotates to release the threaded part from the mold. This mechanism ensures precise thread formation, eliminates the need for manual unscrewing, and enables efficient production of threaded plastic components. It provides enhanced design flexibility and facilitates the production of high-quality threaded parts in injection molding processes.

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