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Packaging Plastic Injection Molding

Feman Tooling specializes in plastic & die casting plastic injection mold design and building, who offers full-service mold manufacturing including design, prototype samples making, plastic molding tools building, reversion & Modification, accessory JIG & Fixture, plastic mold production up to 250T capacity and precision components making.

Injection molding packaging industry is under big demand for daily production, especially now under the COVID-19, the world is under huge pressure of packing goods. Feman tooling has its own advantages with the injection machine run 24 hours to meet the marketing requirements. More than just this, Feman is making good injection molding bottle caps products. Caps for bottles, caps for cosmetics, caps for packaging goods, etc. 

Feman Tooling is ISO9001:2000 certified plastic injection factory. our business philosophy is to exceed our customers' expectations and fulfill complete satisfaction. It's the foundation to maintain a mature and long term relationship with our valuable customers. 

Explore Our Packaging Portfolio

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  • packing-plastic-injection-molding-pick-packaging-components.jpg
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  • packing-plastic-injection-molding-pick-packaging-components-3.jpg
  • packing-plastic-injection-molding-pick-panel.jpg
  • packing-plastic-injection-molding-pick-pump-caps.jpg
  • packing-plastic-injection-molding-pick-pump-caps-2.jpg
  • packing-plastic-injection-molding-pick-spray-bottle.jpg
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