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Home Appliance Plastic Injection Molding

With the improvement of people's living standards, we can see all kinds of home appliances around. For example, television, air-conditioner, washing machine, computer and etc. And now more and more smart home appliances appear with the development of the Internet and artificial intelligence. Modern people are under the trend of replacing a smart home appliance  with china home appliance molds.

Feman supplies appliance injection molding and has a close connection with home appliance tooling at a very early age and now has a unique skill in building the home appliance mold. High-quality china home appliance moulds, good technical support, sound after-sales plastic injection moulding services and sincere attitude have been well appraised by new and old home appliance customers. Feman home appliance mold has a sound organization and a team of experienced and efficient employees! Adhering to the business philosophy of "High quality, short lead-time and best service", we sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to visit our electrical appliance mould factory for mutual benefit, sincerity and pragmatism. People are the essence of cooperation. We never stop self-study and self-improvement. Honesty and trust play a very important role in Feman, and we will work hard together with our employees, customers, suppliers, cooperation factories for a brilliant future to provide high-quality home appliance mould. We are a dedicated happy team with industrious work and dedicated to providing high-quality china home appliance mould. Let's work together for the people's smart future. 

Explore Our Home Appliance Mould Portfolio

home appliance mold
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-2khousing-tube.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-helmet.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-insert-molding-frame.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-knob.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-lifting-yoke.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-motor-cover.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-pipe.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-pipe-2.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-pipe-3.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-pipe-4.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-pipe-5.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-pipe-6.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-contorl-panel.jpg
  • home-appliance-plastic-injection-molding-pick-2khousing-tube-2.jpg
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