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Revision & Modification

During mold machining or after molds tryouts, we or our customers will have some requirements for mold modification for improving molds problems or the part injection mold design need to change, it is a quite commonplace like this. Sometimes mistakes (no matter it is from customer or ourselves) often occur and we need a modification to correct it. This is kind of testing your strain capacity.

When we got a request for modification of mold, we will review and make a solution accordingly with a best idea under a resonable lead time. Then submit it to customers for approval. We will send the solution with final modified drawings to our injection tooling shop to proceed with it when the modification confirmed by customers.

When modification finished, we will arrange mold tryout to see if the mold problems are solved or not and if the new part is just as customer's requests. Samples will be sent to customers and our QC room will start samples measurement according to the updated drawings. Inspection report of injection molding mold will be submitted to customers.