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Cautions of Injection Molding Shells

For the moment plastic products occupy 30% to 40% of the market share of the whole plastic products. The high efficiency and quality molding method has been favored by many enterprises, and the precision of the plastic products manufactured is higher than other molding methods. Injection molding shell is an important branch of the entire injection molding products.

A lot of common shells in life are made of all kinds of plastics, such as mobile phone shells, refrigerator shells, computer casings and AC housings are all manufactured by injection molding. Injection molding shells are the first part that consumers come in contact with plastic injection molding products. Whatever the product performance, beauty and technology are, if the shell quality is not up to standard, it will leave bad impression which is has a direct relation with the success of products. Therefore, many firms are hard on shell quality. What kind of matters that we need to pay attention to on injection molding shells? 

1. Size tolerance of injection molding shells. Consumers will find it out easily if the size has a big difference with that of product, impressed with inferior products.

2. Surface finish. When consumers touch the shell, it's requested that they should have a good impression. Surface finish is closely related with injection raw material.

3. Painting on injection molding shells has to be uniform and peculiar smell has also to be eliminated promptly.

4. Improve the intensity of shells which has to be durable. It takes decades on general electrical appliances when there will be unavoidable bumps. So injection molding shells must have certain shock resistance. 

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