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Discussion on the Problems Needing Attention in Two-color Mold Design by Feman (2)

2. Moulding Method of Customer's Injection Molding Machine.

Generally, the moulding methods of plastic injection moulding machines are press moulding, screw moulding, hydraulic moulding, magnetic moulding and so on. Once moulding method is known, it can be determined that whether screw holes or mold grooves are needed for two-color dies.

3. The Material Used for Production.

Do not take it for granted that the shrinkage rate of the plastic two-color mold made of PP material must be 1.5%, unless the material for production is confirmed. We need to confirm with the customer so that we know what brand of material the customer uses for production and whether there are any modified materials added.

4. Be familiar with the Assembly and Usage of the Product.

Such information is very helpful for the future structural design of the two-color mold. Having these information, we know which is surface, which is inner surface, where the draft angle can be increase at will, and which cannot be changed. It is also helpful to the structural design of the product. For example, torque structures can be deleted or simplified according to the actual condition.

5. Keep in Mind that Simplification is the Key of Two-color Mold Design.