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How to Solve the Two Common Problems in Injection Molding?

Ⅰ. Reasons for the sticking of the main runner during injection molding and its elimination methods

1. The cooling time is too short, and the main runner has not yet solidified.

2. If the slope of the main runner is not enough, the demoulding slope should be increased.

3. Improper matching size of sprue bushing and nozzle during injection molding causes leakage.

4. The main flow channel is rough, and the main flow channel has no cooling wells.

5. The nozzle temperature is too low during injection molding, so the temperature should be increased.

Ⅱ. Reasons and solutions for slow production during injection molding

1. The plastic temperature and mold temperature are high, resulting in a long cooling time.

2. The glue melting time is long, the back pressure should be reduced, less recycled materials should be used to prevent overhead, and the feeding section should be cooled sufficiently.

3. The movement of the machine is slow during injection molding, which can be appropriately accelerated by adjusting the oil circuit and circuit.

4. The design of the mold should be convenient for demoulding, and it should be designed as fully automatic operation as possible.

5. The production wall thickness is too large, causing the cooling time to be too long.

6. The nozzle drools during injection molding, which hinders normal production. A self-locking nozzle should be used, or the temperature of the nozzle should be lowered.

7. The heat supply of the barrel is insufficient, so you should switch to a machine with a large plasticizing capacity or strengthen the preheating of the material.

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