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Main Equipment for Injection Molding

Plastics commonly used for injection molding are classified as thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics. Injection moulding machines use these two plastics to make all kinds of needed plastic products through the prepared mold cavities. In a word, injection moulding machine is the main equipment to produce injection products.

1. Function

The main function of injection molding machine is to dissolve plastic. When the temperature reaches above the melting point of the plastic, the plastic will become molten. Through the cooperation between machines, the hydraulic system releases huge pressure on the molten plastic. Under the ultra-high pressure, the melt will be ejected into the mold cavity.

2. Different Structures

Injection moulding machines can be divided into many categories according to their different structures. According to the different positions of injection devices and closing devices, they can be divided into four types: horizontal injection moulding machine, vertical injection molding machine, right angle injection molding machine and rapid multi-mode injection moulding machine. According to the plasticizing devices of injection moulding machine, they can also be divided into plunger type and screw type. The main difference lies in the bottom of the hopper during injection molding.

3. Volume Size

According to the ability of the injection machine in controlling the area of the mold and in injecting the melt once, the injection molding machines can be divided into super small, small, medium and large injection machines. Generally, the larger the mold area, the surface volume or the volume of injected melt, the better the working capacity of injection moulding machine and the better the processing capacity.

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