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Pay Attention to Pressure Changes when Processing Injection Molded Parts

1. More and more injection molded products

Industrial production has become an indispensable part of our lives, and plastics should be a widely used material. In fact, not only plastic products, but also the development of injection molding technology has made more and more injection molded products appear in our production and life.

2. Pay attention to pressure changes when processing injection molded parts

In the actual production process, multi-component injection molding is the basic method of injection molded parts processing. In other words, use a mechanism to move the workpiece to be injected to the second position, and then perform injection molding. This technology is mainly used in the field of technological casting and toothbrush processing. 

Rotary injection molding: In processing injection molding, this method is mainly suitable for situations where a certain degree of product shape changes are required. Modification means greater freedom. Therefore, this process is often used in the processing of automobile adjusting wheels. 

Turntable injection molding: It is mainly suitable for the processing of the injection molding concept in a semi-fixed state, which can be injection molded at the same time. 

Mobile injection molding: After partial injection molding is completed, the next two parts are cooled together after completion to eliminate wear.

In the injection molding process, due to the volume change caused by crystallization, the injection molding pressure is high, the melt viscosity difference is small, the interlayer shear stress is small, the elastic jump after hair loss is large, and the injection molding shrinkage can be appropriately reduced. During injection molding, the material temperature is high, the shrinkage is large, but the direction is small.

During pressure injection processing, if the pressure is low, the molten material has a large shearing effect, and the fluidity is also large. Especially PE and POM injection molding are sensitive, and the pressure during injection processing should be adjusted during shaping to adjust fluidity. When molding, you can also control the material temperature, molding temperature, pressure during injection molding, injection speed and other factors, so that the filling can be adjusted appropriately according to the molding needs.

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