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Plastic Color Differences in Injection Molding

1. PE, PP, PVC, GPPS, PMMA, SAN, PC, PBT need to add titanium dioxide when dyeing opaque color.

2. No titanium dioxide, zinc barium white or other inorganic material shall be added to PVC, GPPS, SAN, PMMA, PC when dyeing transparent or pearlescent color.

3. Please note that different migration will occur when the multi-colorants are used in PE, PP and PVC. Be careful when choosing.

4. The presence of A (propylene) in ABS and SAN will cause unsatisfactory coloration (unstable, not bright enough) due to the presence of -CN. On the other hand, component A will increase the viscosity of the melt with more frictional shear heat, so the heat resistance of the colorant is required to be higher.

5. PMMA and polycarbonate plastic injection molding are easily hydrolysed due to their ester groups, therefore, after mixing the color, it should be dried thoroughly before molding.

6. PA contains a very polar amine group with strong water absorption. Therefore, after color mixing, it must be thoroughly baked before molding.

7. Because PVC (especially soft PVC) contains a large number of plasticizers, heat stabilizers and other additives, which will make the coloring vividness poor. And the precipitation of additives is easy to make the migration phenomenon of color agent leakage. In addition, Hydrogen Chloride (HCL), which is decomposed at high temperature in PV injection mold C, can also change the color of the colorant.

The performance of products in various industries is constantly improving in order to satisfy men's materialistic aspirations. All products are made up of components, this requires that the components become more and more precise, maximize the size of the components to the original design.

The same is true for the injection molding services industry, and precision injection molding has become a competitive field for the best injection molding services companies.