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Procedures for Operation of Injection Molding Machines

Each industry has its own unique production standards. Effective production rules are necessary to ensure the safety of personnel and machines. Here are some operating procedures related to injection molding machines. This regulation mainly revolves around some precautions before, during and after the production of the injection molding machine. 

Ⅰ. Attention should be paid before injection molding machine production

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the power supply voltage matches the set voltage of the injection molding machine (of course, this is for the new machine that has just been put into production);

2. Carefully check whether the parts of the injection molding machine are damaged, whether the safety door is flexible, whether the limit switch can be touched, and whether the equipment connecting bolts are loose;

4. Check whether the cooling water pipes of the injection molding machine are unblocked, whether there is water leakage, and whether there is debris in the barrel of the injection molding machine. If there are any, they should be cleaned in time to avoid damage to the machine;

5. Check whether the oil volume of the oil tank of each hydraulic transmission system is sufficient, and clean up the dust and impurities of the oil tank hydraulic oil filter and ventilation filter in time;

Ⅱ. Attention should be paid in the production of injection molding machine

1. Set the molding temperature according to the plastic injection molding process, and heat the barrel, nozzle and mold;

2. Start at low speed to drive the screw motor of the injection molding machine, and observe whether the voltage is normal and whether the machine has abnormal noise. If everything is normal, start feeding a small amount of material to the barrel evenly. When feeding, observe the current change of the main motor, and stop immediately when abnormal;

3. During the production process, keep the safety door closed, and continue to observe changes in the current of each motor, and whether the equipment is running abnormally;

Ⅲ. After the production of the injection molding machine is completed, you should pay attention to:

1. Check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient and the temperature is normal. If the amount of oil is insufficient, replenish the hydraulic oil in time;

2. Clean up the impurities around the injection molding machine in time and keep the environment ventilated and dry.