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Several Parameters That Should Be Paid Attention to in the Injection Mold Design

There are two templates on the injection molding machine, one does not move, called fixed template; the other can move, called moving template. The mold is fixed on the two templates by screws and pressure plates respectively. When the mold is opened, the movable platen of the injection molding machine moves, thereby driving the mold to open.

After the mold is manufactured, injection molding is carried out, the injection molding machine is loaded, and the product is started. However, there are many models of injection molding machines, and each injection molding machine has its own parameters. For plastic die maker in china, the injection mold design must be able to meet the requirements of the injection molding machine model provided by the customer, otherwise it will not be able to produce.

There are many design parameters of the injection molding machine. The following focuses on several parameters related to the mold.

1. Injection volume of injection mold design

The injection volume is the maximum mass value (or volume value) of the melt that the injection molding machine can inject at one time during production, which represents the maximum injection capacity of this type of injection molding machine. The amount of melt used in the design of an injection mold is smaller than the injection volume of the injection molding machine. Otherwise, the product like insert molding electronics is dissatisfied and cannot be produced.

2. Clamping force of injection mold design

What is at stake is the pressing force of the injection molding machine on the template when the mold is closed. The clamping force required by the molded product during molding must be less than the rated clamping force of the selected injection molding machine. Otherwise, the melted glue will easily run away from the parting surface, resulting in flash.

3. Tie rod spacing for injection mold design

There are four tie rods in the dead corners of the fixed platen and the movable platen of the injection molding machine. Their function is to ensure that the injection molding machine has sufficient strength and rigidity, and at the same time is responsible for sliding the template. But it tends to limit the overall size of the mold, because the mold is installed from the middle of the tie rod.

The dimensions of the mold cannot be larger than their corresponding tie rod spacing at the same time. If the length of the mold exceeds the tie rod spacing, check whether the mold is hoisted into the tie rod workshop by rotating. If the rotating hoisting cannot be carried out, only the mold size can be changed. , or replace the injection molding machine.

4. Nozzle size check for injection mold design

The nozzle head of the injection molding machine is generally spherical. When selecting the sprue sleeve, the spherical radius of the sprue sleeve should be consistent with the spherical radius of the nozzle. In order to prevent the high-pressure melt from overflowing from the contact gap between the nozzle and the sprue sleeve, generally the ball radius of the sprue sleeve should be larger than the nozzle ball radius, and the size of the small end of the sprue should also be slightly larger than the size of the nozzle hole, so that the nozzle can be Sprue sleeves are easy to align.

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