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The new product suspension

Feman Automotive Tooling is the automotive mold projects and technical development & manufacturing foundation of Feman factory. Feman Automotive strengths in medium and small sized precision and complicated plastic injection mold design and manufacturing for automotive interior parts, main products: door panel, automotive lighting, air conditioning, A/B/C pillars, water tank, instrument panel, glove box assembly, plastic intake manifold, interior trim, grille, air inlet components, gas cap etc.We specially take pride in lighting parts making with high precision CNC engraving and milling machines. The max lighting system mold we made is 1100*1000, 2K mold with transparency and red color. 

  • How to Maintain Injection Moulding Die Efficiently?

    The maintenance quality of the injection mold directly affects the service life of the mold. Since the mold accounts for a large proportion of the production cost of the injection molding enterprise, ...
  • Two Shot Injection Molding Process

    Two Shot Injection Molding Process

    The cover material is injected above, below, around or inside the substrate during the two shot injection molding process to form a complete part. This process can be done through multiple injections ...
  • What Processing Parameters of Injection Molding

    Melted plastic particles are molded for plastic products in injection molding. The process is a little complex, demanding molding engineer to focus on some processing parameters to ensure the final qu...