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Characteristics of Injection Molding Processing

Plastic products have already penetrated into every industry. The developing plastic performance makes parts which have to be made by metal can be entirely replaced by plastic accessories.

The manufacturing of plastic products is more difficult than others because of the good fluidity and uncontrollable size. Particularly in details, a little carelessness is easy to cause pores, chromatic aberration, flash and so on. If it gets very serious, the plastic product can only be scraped directly. These are the common issues in injection molding, testing whether molding engineer has good control on plastic details.

Here are some characteristics of injection molding:

1. Low demand on size accuracy of plastic products. It usually takes composability as the standard and has high requirement on appearance. If necessary, it may adopt secondary processing (such as oil injection) to improve visual defects.

2. Ordinary injection molding doesn't need neither particularly precise injection molding machines nor specific material. Usually common thermoplastics can be used for production. Therefore, common injection molding is widely applied in modern plastics industry.

3. Uneven wall thickness of plastic injection products will give rise to deformation or shrinkage. It is suggested that customers should modify product design to solve the problem. If the product can't be changed, a chamfering C or R has to be set in the transition of thin and thick to reduce the stress when plastic flows. Once stress is reduced, the product doesn't distort easily. Of course, the place between the thin and the thick has to be less than 60% otherwise it should be thinning or thickened.