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Precision Injection Molding Process Conditions

There are a number of reasons why many of today's injection molded products actually fail to last the life they were originally designed for.

One of the reasons is that the product accessories can not reach the size of the original design. A complete product is composed of several or even thousands of accessories, the size is not able to meet the design requirements, making problems in the use of the process. Or even a long time, it will be necessary to replace the accessories, for example: every accessory on the spacecraft is manufactured after thousands of selections, perhaps a small size problem can brew a big accident.

So in recent years, various industries are increasing investment in precision manufacturing, who can master the precision of manufacturing technology, who will be able to occupy a dominant position in the competition in the future.

In recent years, the precision injection molding industry in the injection molding industry is also developing rapidly, but to meet the conditions of precision injection molding processing,  what is generally needed?

First: the advanced injection mold maker equipment. Injection mold maker is the basis of injection molding, if the foundation is not good, it is absolutely impossible to produce good products.

Second: mold manufacturing. Injection molding industry is inseparable from the mold, and the superior performance of the mold can add a lot of points for precision injection molding.

Third: injection molding operators. Without an excellent injection molding engineer, good equipment would be futile.

Fourth: the purchase of raw materials. Different processes for the same plastic lead to different properties of the plastic.

Factors that affect the injection pressure required to mold a part include the type of plastic, the type of injection molding machine, the type of nozzle, the complexity of the shape of the part, and the casting system. The method of determining the injection pressure required to mold the product is: analogous method, with reference to various plastic injection molding process data, the general product molding injection pressure of 70 ~ 150MPa. Injection mold simulation computer software calculates the injection molding process, to obtain the prediction of the injection molding pressure.