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Classifications of Injection Molding

It's believed that anyone entering structure design knows injection molding is the most common process technology of plastic products. Things from button to bumper can all be made through injection molding. But each technology has its limitations and injection molding can't apply to all plastic products. Therefore, injection moldings differ according to various requests.

Injection molding, according to the machine, falls into horizontal injection, vertical injection, double-colored injection, low-pressure injection and high-speed injection.

1. Horizontal injection molding machine, with clamping unit and injection unit on the same horizontal center line and the mold opened horizontally, is the most common type which is characterized with short fuselage, easy operation and maintenance, low gravity and smooth installation.

2. Vertical injection molding machine is vertical open close. The upward mold surface makes it easy to place inserts, contributing to enchasing molding. It is usually applied to process and production of linkers and cables.

3. Double-colored molding needs double-colored molding machine and molds.

4. Low-pressure injection molding is a rapid prototyping method (5-50 seconds) which injects packaging material into the mold with low injection pressure (1.5-40 bar). It mainly caters to packaging protection of precision responsive element components, including PCB, automobile electronics, battery, wiring harness, WPC, antenna and etc.

5. High-speed injection molding. Ordinary injection molding machines are all pure hydraulic, slower transmission with hydraulic oil. However, high-speed injection molding machine applies servo motor to open and close the mold, eject the mold and realize raw material injection and storage. Fast injection speed and precise position control help to improve production efficiency.

Compared with ordinary machines, except for the efficiency and environmental protection, high-speed molding machines own parts with thinner wall thickness, which can reduce sink marks on the corresponded ribs of external walls.