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Defects of Plastic Mould Steel

1. Deformation

The deformation of the material is due to internal stresses caused by uneven heating of the lack of column support, improper heat treatment and residual stresses. Another point is that injection molding mold steel manufacturers are using materials that are not specially designed for injection molding mold in order to reduce costs, thus the deformation is caused by insufficient rigidity and thickness of the moldboard.

2. Fracture

The forged injection molding mold material itself has cracked due to improper temperature control, and in this case, the only way to solve this problem is to change the template. Cracking or even fracture of the formwork in production is often caused by the high hardness and excessive stress of the heat treatment of the materials chosen. It is easy to crack when welding, and in severe cases, it will crack easily when welding Cr12 hard material. Because the formwork stress is too high, the impact cracking place is mostly in the cavity corner, if still available, it can be punched and cut into I-shape inserts or wrapped around the formwork.

3. Wear and tear

Insufficient hardness, sharp corners and improper material selection in the moving parts of injection molding mold are also the causes of wear. For corrosive products and plastics with considerable hardness and fillers, we choose materials with surfaces that are resistant to corrosion. The surface hardness of the injection molding mold should also be high.

4. poor heat dissipation

The heat dissipation of long core molds is quite important. Selecting the right materials can make a big difference in the appearance and output of a product. If beryllium copper containing beryllium and cobalt is chosen, it will have high strength and hardness after heat treatment, and will have fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance and good heat conductivity.

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