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Steps of the Plastic Mold Design

Ⅰ. Accept the plastic mold design assignment

Usually, the plastic mold design assignment is proposed by the craftsman according to the charter of the plastic molding, and the designer designs the mold based on the charter of the plastic molding and the mold design.

Ⅱ. Collect, analyze and digest the original data of plastic mold design

Collect and sort out relevant parts design, molding process, molding equipment, machining and special processing data for use in mold design.

1. Digest the drawings of plastic parts, understand the use of plastic molding parts, and analyze the technical requirements of plastic parts such as processability and dimensional accuracy.

2. Digest the process data, and analyze whether the molding method, equipment model, material specification, mold structure type and other requirements proposed in the process assignment are appropriate and whether they can be implemented.

3. Determine the molding method - direct compression, casting or injection.

4. Select molding equipment

5. Propose a specific structure plan

Ⅲ. Factors affecting the plastic molding and the structure of molds

1. Cavity layout. Determine the number of cavities and their arrangement according to the geometric structure of plastic molding, dimensional accuracy requirements, batch size, mold manufacturing difficulty, mold cost, etc.

2. Determine the parting surface.

3. Determine the gating system

4. Select the ejection method, determine the undercut processing method and the core pulling method.

5. Determine the cooling and heating method, the shape and position of the heating and cooling groove, and the installation position of the heating element.

6. According to the mold material, strength calculation or empirical data, determine the thickness and external dimensions of the mold parts, the external structure and the positions of all connections, positioning and guide parts.

7. Determine the structural form of the main molding parts and structural parts.

8. Considering the strength of each part of the mold, calculate the size of the molded part.

If the above problems are solved, the structure of the plastic mold design will naturally be solved.

Ⅳ. Draw the plastic molding diagram

1. The structure of molded part.

2. Structure of gating system and exhaust system.

3. Parting surface and parting pick-up method.

4. The outline structure and the location of all the connecting pieces, the positioning and guide pieces.

5. Mark the cavity height size and the overall size of the mold.

6. Auxiliary tools.

7. Sort the parts and fill out the schedule.

8. Mark the technical requirements and instructions for use.

Ⅴ. Technical requirements for plastic mold design assembly drawing

1. Performance requirements for certain systems of the mold.

2. Requirements for mold assembly process.

3. The way to use, assembly and disassembly.

4. Requirements for anti-oxidation treatment, mold numbering, lettering, marking, oil seal, storage, etc.

5. Requirements for mold trial and inspection.

Ⅵ. Draw parts diagram

The order of dismantling the parts according to the plastic mold design assembly drawing should be: inside first, then outside, first complex parts and then simple parts, forming parts first, then structural parts.

Afterwards, proofread, review drawings, trace drawings, dry and then test the mould and repair it. Finally, sort and file the data.