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Five Main Conditions for Obtaining Excellent Injection-Molded Products

1. An injection mold maker with stable performance;

2. Auxiliary equipments meeting the requirements of use (dryer, freezer, shredder and mixer, etc);

3. Selection of suitable plastics;

4. Fine injection mold;

5. High-quality shtechnicians for debugging machine.


Injection mold maker is the core equipment of injection molding. Producing auxiliary equipment mainly refers to dryer, freezer, shredder and mixer. Dryer is used to dry plastic raw materials (because plastic polymers mostly contain hydrophilic factor that is easy to absorb water resulting in forming silver wire, bubbles, water waves and other defects). Freezer can control the working temperature of the mold by controlling the cooling water temperature (generally about 10℃); the shredder breaks these separated runners or scraps plastics into degraded materials for recycling and then put into production (different kinds of materials can not be mixed but classified, keep the work environment clean to prevent pollution). The mixer will mix the plastic raw material, degraded material (if needed) and toner or kinds of color in a certain proportion and quantity, so that the molding plastic parts are colored  at the meantime in the same strength.

The main properties of different plastics and the characteristics of injection molding are different, so the corresponding raw materials are selected according to the different properties and costs of plastic products. Plastic mold is a combination of parts used to give plastic shape in injection molding production. The structure of plastic mold varies greatly according to plastic properties, shape, structure and injection molding machine. However, its basic structure is roughly the same, that is, it is mainly composed of three parts: gating system, forming parts and structural parts, in which gating system and forming parts are directly in contact with plastics, changing with plastic products. It is the most important, complex, most varied part of the mold, which requires the highest surface accuracy and glossiness. High-quality technicians for debugging machine can ensure excellent injection molding working conditions and parameters.