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How can Plastic Die Mold Manufacturers Make Perfect Clamps

Some injection mold manufacturers use precision processing equipment such as slow wire and mirror spark in mold processing, and each link is processed through the three-dimensional inspection, but their plastic mold will still have defects such as large clamping mouth, large assembly section difference and so on. However, this kind of problem rarely occurs in our injection mold manufacturers. Because we understand the importance of three-level positioning.

The level-1 positioning is the positioning of the die guide pillar. The positioning accuracy depends on the machining accuracy of the mold germ hole and the dimensional accuracy of the guide pillar guide sleeve. Improper processing of the mold germ hole will cause the guide pillar burn and strain. The primary positioning of the guide pillar is very important. There are many brands of plastic mold base on the market. Feman has been insisting on accurate quality for many years, so it can bring more guarantees to plastic molds and products.

The level-2 positioning is the positioning of die block, also known as the side lock. Many injection mold manufacturers have omitted the mold embryo positioning block in order to save cost. This is not the right way. It is easy to cause the problem of product mantle due to the broken surface of mold core. There are a lot of products with side surface pull is also related to the absence of positioning block, Feman, a professional plastic die mould manufacturer, has clear requirements for side lock with professional standards.

The level-3 positioning is the precise positioning of the designed notch on the mold core, which mainly protects the precise positioning of the insert surface of the die. The angular positioning is generally designed for angle insertion. We will try our best to design reasonable machining tolerances respectively during processing, so as to ensure the matching accuracy with less manual matching, which is particularly important.

From the guide pillar to the die blank and then to the mold core, each level positioning requirements are more accurate than the former one. Feman Tooling will design the level-3 positioning of each set of mold, and will do a good job in precision, to ensure the quality of plastic mold products and improve the service life of the mold necessary design, but also to provide customers with satisfactory plastic mold.