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Notes for Plastic Injection Process

If there are professional plastic injection equipment and relatively skilled injection experience, the product will be flawless. Even so, it is the processing technology that the decisive factor in injection molding. Only when the whole process is relatively perfect and processing skills are mastered, the plastic products manufactured will meet the needs of customers.

1. Design of plastic products.

The structure design of plastic products is also a major factor in determining the plastic injection process. The greater the thickness of the product, the longer the cooling time will be. In general, the cooling time doubles as the thickness of the plastic increases when the plastic is injected into the cavity of the mold. Therefore, the factor of thickness should be considered when designing plastic products.

2. Mold material.

Mold material also has a great influence on the plastic injection process. The material of the core, cavity and mold base all have an impact on the cooling speed. This related to the issue of the heat transfer efficiency and speed of the material. If the coefficient of heat conduction of the mold is relatively high, the cooling speed and cooling effect will be better.

3. The cooling method.

Cooling effect is also affected by the installation position of the cooling water pipe. Large diameter and large number of water pipes are conducive to the cooling effect, which lower the viscosity of coolant and increase the heat transfer coefficient.

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