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How Much is Injection Mold Generally?

A customer contacted us by searching the plastic die mould manufacturers on the Internet and asked our customer service: "how much is the medical plastic die mould in general?" Generally speaking, if the structure is simple, the requirements are not too high, and the material is ordinary, the mold price will range from thousands yuan to tens of thousands yuan. As to the structure with higher requirements, the price will range from at least tens of thousands to even one hundred thousand.

If you need to know clearly how much the plastic die mould of this product you want to mass produce is, the first thing you need to do is to design the 3D drawing of the product, and then write down your detailed requirements for this product, so that the plastic die mould manufacturer can evaluate the exact cost and cycle of mold opening for you. If the 3D drawing is not finished so fast, a sample of the product can also be provided, and a professional plastic die mould manufacturer like Feman Tooling Co.,Limited. can also evaluate the mold customization cost and molding cycle of the product for you.

In conclusion, if you want to know how much the plastic die mould of the product you need to mass produce is, you need to provide the 3D drawing or sample of the product to the professional plastic die mould manufacturer to evaluate the cost!

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