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Injection Molding Difficulties in Electrical Plastic Parts of Plastic Parts Processing (1)

Some plastics are themselves simple resins, such as polyethylene, polystyrene, which are called single component plastics. Some plastics contain, in addition to synthetic resins, other auxiliary materials, such as plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, various fillers, called multicomponent plastics. Now let's learn the various applications of plastic additives in the plastic parts processing industry.


We all know that in the process of processing, storage and use of plastic products, fading, embrittlement, cracking of the aging phenomenon will occur under the action of light, heat and oxygen. In order to delay and prevent the occurrence of ageing phenomena, stabilizers must be added. Those that are mainly used to prevent heat aging called heat stabilizer, those that are mainly used to prevent oxidation aging called antioxidant, those that are mainly used to prevent light aging called light stabilizer, which are collectively known as stabilizers. The best performing plastic stabilizer available today is methyltin heat stabilizer (181 for short), which is very effective in calendering, extruding, injection molding and blow molding of rigid polyethylene (PVC). And because of its high safety, it is especially used for injection molding packaging and high-definition rigid polyethylene injection molding. It is also commonly used in plastic windows, doors, plumbing and decorative materials to replace other highly toxic plastic heat stabilizers. It has been widely used in the United States, Europe, Japan, and in recent years, 181 methyltin heat stabilizer began to be used in a large number of applications in China.

Plastic Additives

The main purpose of adding plastic additives to plastics is to improve processing performance, increase efficiency in use and reduce costs. Plastic additives in plastic materials accounted for a relatively small proportion, but has a great impact on the quality of plastic products. Different types of plastics require different types and amounts of additives due to different injection molding processing methods and conditions of use.

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