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Operation Points of Injection Molding

Injection molding is a method of molding industrial products. Injection molded parts often adopt plastic in injection molding which is divided into compression molding and die casting. Injection molding machines are main equipment which turns thermoplastics or thermosetting plastics into plastic products with different shapes by mold for plastics. Injection molding is achieved by injection molding machine and mold. The following is to share with you the operation points of injection molding processing.

1. Statistic mold is what with gate bush aside the injection head of injection molding machine. It usually consists of gate bush, contour plate and template. The simple mold may not use the plate, but directly use a thicker template. Gate bush is generally standard part and is not advised to cancel without special circumstances.

2. The use of gate bush facilitates the installation of molds, easy to replace and no need for polishing. Some special mold spout sleeve injection molding processing can be drilled out or cut with taper line, while part of the mold must be static mold stripping, but also add a static mold stripping mechanism. Movable mold is usually structured with movable platen, movable contour plate, mold emptier and support block as well as mounted plate.

3. Gate has a direct relation with the appearance of injection molded parts. If the gate is in bad design, it's easy to have defects and generate snake flow easily without any resistance. Demanding products should be with the design of effusion and exhaust. Ejector pin can be used at the overflow and don't leave overflow flash on the template to influence the mold life.

4. Except the ejector pin, mold emptier also owns release rod. Some molds even add spring to realize automatic ejection. Besides, guide pin, coolant passage and runner are essential basic structure of a mold. Of course, oblique molds also have oblique boxes and bevel pillars.

4. First of all, basic structure size of mold has to be determined to prepare material in designing molds for plastic products to speed up mold manufacturing. Complicate products have to draw product map first and then confirm the mold size. Nowadays, molds are basically in need of thermal treatment, increasing the rigidity of molds as well as improving the service life.


5. Before thermal treatment, initial processing can be started with the template: drilling guide pillar hole, release hole, cavity hole, screw hole, gate bush hole, pull-out hole and coolant hole as well as milling runner, cavity some even oblique box.