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Production Steps of Injection Molding

Step 1:Prepare plastic materials

According to the appropriate proportion, a fully mix of the new raw plastic materials and the recycled  materials are given by the mixer and then the plastic raw materials for production are done.

Step 2: Ingredient coloring

According to the design requirements of plastic products, if the injection molded parts need to be colored as a whole, then the colored injection molded parts can be obtained by adding the corresponding colorant in the plastic raw materials before injection, and mixing them evenly and fully with the raw materials.

Step 3: Dry the glaze

According to the requirements of injection molded process, the plastic raw materials should be fully dried and moisture-free, so the raw materials should be dried by dryer before injection molding.

Step 4: Injection molding

After pretreatment for raw materials,processing and production will be completed in the injection mold maker with injection mold. Before molding, a try-out of mold is needed to check the quality and debug to an appropriate parameters.

Step 5: Remove the degraded material

After injection molding, degraded materials on the injection molded parts should be removed. In the process of removing, special attention should be paid to not damaging the injection molded parts.

Step 6: Checking and package

After removing the degraded material, one should check the quality of the injection molded parts,then package and box the qualified products in a semi-finished way, preparing to the next process; collect and recycle the unaccepted products.

Step 7: Recycle waste

For those degraded materials and unqualified products in molding process, they should not be throw away randomly, but should be recycled. After crushing by crusher, they can be mixed with new materials in a certain proportion in subsequent production. The actual injection molding production process can adopt semi-automatic and automatic production forms, while the manual form is only used when debugging the machine.