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What are the Injection Molding Mold Materials

Generally, there are several requirements for commonly used injection molding mold material.

1. Good polishing performance.

The injection molding mold material is usually required to have good glossiness and surface condition. Because the surface roughness of the cavity is very small, the surface of the cavity must be machined. Therefore, the selected steel should not contain coarse impurities and pores.

2. The effect of heat treatment is very limited.

In order to improve the hardness and wear resistance of injection mold, the injection mold is usually heat treated, but this treatment should make its size change little. Therefore, it is preferable to use machinable pre-hardened steel.

3. Good wear resistance.

The glossiness and precision of material surface of injection mold are directly related to the wear resistance of cavity surface. If the material is not wear-resistant, it will wear out quickly, causing damage to the quality of plastic parts.

4. Strong corrosion resistance.

Many resins and additives can corrode the cavity surface. Therefore, it is better to use corrosion-resistant steel or chromium plating and cybBar nickel treatment on the surface of the cavity.

5. Good dimensional stability.

In injection molding, the temperature of injection mold cavity should be above 300℃. Therefore, it is the best to select proper quenching and tempering tool steel (heat treated steel). Otherwise, it will change the microstructure of the material and change the size of the injection mold.

6. Easy to process

Injection mold parts are mostly made of metal materials, and some structures or shapes are very complex. In order to shorten the production cycle and improve the efficiency, it is necessary to process the injection mold materials into the required shape and precision drawings. The shape of injection mold parts is often complex, and it is difficult to process after quenching. Therefore, the materials with good thermal stability should be selected as far as possible.

Which injection molding mold material should we choose? In the actual production process, we still choose different materials according to the product requirements of injection molding parts. Dongguan Feman Tooling Co., Limited can provide you with more injection mold solutions, and we also welcome your on-site guidance.