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The Maintenance of Injection Molding Machine

1. Daily maintenance of injection molding machine is essential

The injection molding machine is a highly automated modern industrial machine. Its appearance has greatly improved the production efficiency and production quality of the injection molding industry. Injection molding machines are usually in a fully automatic and highly efficient operation state, so the consumption of various parts of the machine is relatively large. While enjoying the convenience of injection molding machines, we must also do a good job of maintenance, especially in hot weather, as daily maintenance work is more essential.

2. The daily maintenance specifications of the injection molding machine

First of all, we must formulate appropriate daily, monthly and annual maintenance plans according to the injection molding machine's own conditions, and carefully implement them in each machine according to the plan. Before using the injection molding machine every day, we must first check whether the various parts of the machine are normal, such as whether the mechanical safety lock is working properly, whether the temperature and heating conditions of each section are normal, whether there is water leakage in the cooling water pipe, and whether the emergency stop button can cut off the power of the motor, etc.

After the injection molding machine is used for a long time, there will be a lot of stains on the filter and the air filter. We should clean it up in time. At the same time, we must check whether the installation of the electronic ruler and proximity switch is normal and stable, the electric couple wire, the heating coil, and the material. Whether the cylinder is installed firmly, check whether there is oil leakage in the injection molding machine. If there is oil leakage, repair it immediately and check whether there is noise in the bearing assembly of the hydraulic motor. If there is noise, refill the lubricant or replace the new bearing.

We must regularly check whether the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced, and take samples of the pressure oil and send it to the laboratory for testing. If the hydraulic oil deteriorates, it must be replaced with new oil; often clean the dust on the surface of the motor fan blade and shell, and at the same time inject new grease into the flange bearing; Take out the filter element and blow it clean with compressed air from the inside of the filter element. At the same time, check whether the filter element is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it with a new one; check whether the fixing screws of the safety mechanism are tightened.