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The Quality of Injection Molding Mold

Injection molding mold is the mother of industry. With the injection molding mold, plastic products that we need can be manufactured through plastic injection. And the injection molding is featured with affordable price, simple process and wide application, such as daily plastic products, plastic shell of household appliances.

The quality of injection molding mold can dominantly affect the quality of injection molding products, and its impact on electronic products of precision small parts is almost decisive.

There are many materials used to make steel for injection molds, and Feman lists several here:

For thin-walled plastic boxes with batches less than 100,000 pieces, it is suggested to use P20 and P21 at prehardening (HB250-300) and use 414L when corrosion is strong.

When manufacturing long service life plastics mold, what can be used is P6 or P20 whose hardness after carburizing and quenching is HRC54-58; when plastic parts are not large, O1, S7 can be used. And using 420 when corrosion is strong.

P6 and P20 after carburizing and quenching are used for the production of non high temperature thermosetting dies. 420 can be used to resist corrosion.

In the production of high temperature thermosetting plastic moulds, H13, S7 and carburized steel P4 are used. These materials with high chromium content have good tempering resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance.

Feman works according to the requirements of different products. For example, based on whether the injection materials were corrosive or not, the use of corrosion resistance materials would be considered. If the customer is going to produce outer parts and has strict requirements on the brightness of the products, Feman will choose the polished materials to make exquisite surface of the core of the injection model. Only in this way can the products produced by the injection meet the requirements.

Besides, there is an issue of the output. We all know that the in injection molding mold plastic raw materials form plastic products through high temperature molding and low temperature cooling. In the whole process, there will be a lot of friction on the mold. So when a certain output is reached, the mold will be scrapped. Therefore, in the evaluation stage, we need to accurately evaluate the optimal cost of the injection mold, rather than opening the mold with ordinary mold steel for the sake of low cost.

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