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What Processing Parameters of Injection Molding

Melted plastic particles are molded for plastic products in injection molding. The process is a little complex, demanding molding engineer to focus on some processing parameters to ensure the final quality. So, what kind of processing parameters that need attention?

1. Cycle time of plastic products

It contains molding time and product cooling time whose efficient control has great impact on product quality. Cycle time should be clear through sample type before injection molding.

2. Injection mold temperature

Different plastic particles have different crystallization temperature and crystallization rate.The appearance of the product, size, plastic mold and so on also have different requirements.All of these make the temperature control of  injection molding mold is different when different plastics and product requirements are used.

3. Injection pressure of melted plastic

Plastic is faced with enormous resistance in filling up the cavity. So, injection pressure directly determines the size, weight, density and appearance of products.

If any of these factors affect the product, it will turn into scraped product. It's necessary for molding engineer to define and control injection pressure reasonably according to comprehensive factors.

4. Injection speed

The injection speed, generally realized by adjusting the oil supply into the cylinder in unit time, exerts important influence on the final appearance and quality of products.

5. Barrel temperature and melt temperature

Melt temperature which makes a difference in the fluidity of melt can be measured at the nozzle or by air jet. Plastic has no concrete melting point which means a temperature range in melted state. The temperature control of these two is crucial to product quality.

Processing parameters demanding notice in injection molding include the above with no differentiation between priority and others. Each factor is vital to plastic product quality. Molding engineers have to set reasonable parameter standards based on different types of products and plastics.

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