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Discussion on the Problems Needing Attention in Two-color Mold Design by Feman (1)

The design of two-color mold is a pain for designers! If you want to design a perfect two-color mold, the cost will be high; if the design is too simple, the strength of the two-color mold may be affected, the product quality can not be guaranteed, and the service life of the mold will be shortened.

One may ask that can he start to design two-color mold after analyzing the product structure? The answer, of course, is No.

In order to avoid detours in design, some items affecting the structure of two-color dies must be clear.

1. Tonnage and Model of Injection Molding Machines Used by Customers for Production.

If that is not clear, it is impossible to determine the entrance diameter of the ingate sleeve, the diameter of the locating ring, the size and position of the ejection hole, the depth of the plastic injection machine extending into the two-color mold, even the size of the mold holder, the closing height, etc. We will feel quite proud if we work hard and successfully design a set of two-color die structure with cylinder core pulling. However, if we didn't know in advance that the customer only has an electric injection moulding machine without additional inserts, the two-color mold can not be produced by such machine and our design will be useless. Then, we will be surrounded by tearless grief.