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How to Maintain Injection Moulding Die Efficiently?

The maintenance quality of the injection mold directly affects the service life of the mold. Since the mold accounts for a large proportion of the production cost of the injection molding enterprise, the longer the life of the injection moulding die, the more beneficial the enterprise is to reduce the cost of the injection molding product. The custodian responsible for the daily maintenance of the mold needs to work carefully and meticulously to ensure the best state of the mold, effective and economical in production, and reduce production costs as much as possible.

Ⅰ. The importance of maintaining injection moulding dies

If you don't pay attention to the maintenance of injection moulding dies, the quality of injection molds will be reduced in advance, and various quality problems such as corrosion and surface finish will appear. The quality of injection molds will also decline, the rejection rate will increase, and even qualified products will not be produced. At that time, a lot of money will be reinvested to buy new molds, which will cause a lot of waste.

Ⅱ. The following are ways to reduce injection moulding die maintenance:

1. Strengthen scientific injection molding knowledge training and try not to damage the mold during production. Improper parameters such as low pressure protection settings, mold clamping speed, mold clamping force, injection speed, pressure holding pressure, mold temperature, etc. will greatly damage the mold, which must be paid attention to.

2. Production control. Similar to the hot runner plug iron and PIN pin in the table that damage the mold should be avoided as much as possible.

3. Fetal problems should be avoided. The design and manufacturing process of the mold is "pregnancy", and there can be no problems at this time, otherwise maintenance is unavoidable. For example, the design and material of the seven major systems of the mold will not be discussed one by one.

4. Mold maintenance. The primary and secondary maintenance in the usual production and the tertiary maintenance of the maintenance department should be solid and in place, and any drawing dust should be avoided.

5. Standardization and inventory of wearing parts. Thimble / spring / cylinder / guide post / guide sleeve, etc. should be as uniform as possible, and stocked.

6. Standardized operation procedures, personnel training and performance appraisal.

Ⅲ. Specific requirements for injection moulding die maintenance:

When replacing mold parts, ensure that the quality of the parts to be replaced is qualified; each part should be assembled; when the injection mold inserts are assembled, confirm that the fitting clearance is qualified; avoid curling, scratches, pits, etc. on the surface of the parts Residues, defects, rust, etc., if there are parts that need to be replaced, communicate and confirm with the mold design department in time. Before and after disassembling the mold, pay attention to maintaining the stretch balance of each part; if the parts need to be replaced, they need to be replaced in time.