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The Introduction of Injection Molding Mold

The injection molding mold is a kind of mold with which can products be manufactured. However, most of us, except professionals, do not know how the mold is produced.

Mold has an irreplaceable effect on our daily life. The production of the majority of our daily necessities needs molds, such as computers, telephones, fax machines, keyboards, and cups, let alone plastic products. In addition, the covers of automobiles and motorcycles are also made out of molds, and there are more than 20,000 various molds used for the production of a car alone. Therefore, home appliance mold plays a unique role in modern life.

So, how to make an injection molding mold?

First and foremost, the design is a must for making mold. Speaking of design, we must mention the drawing plate, through which one could make the imagined things into real things. After finishing the design on the drawing plate, the drawing is taken to the professional mold factory. The mold factory copies the size and collects the data of the mold. Only with the data can we make exactly the same mold as the drawing. After that, the mold design engineer will design mold with professional software such as AutoCAD and Pro/E, and other work should be carried out at the same time, such as steel selection, mold embryo selection.

The selected material is only a pile of steel, not a mold. It turns to mold after processing. After purchasing the steel, it shouldn't be processed carelessly, but must be processed very precisely. The higher the precision the better the product.

For the mold of simple cavity and core, the first step is to write a program by the programmer of the CNC milling machine, and then the mold is made on the CNC milling machine. Some places need to be processed by electric sparks. Molds with complex surfaces need to be machined by three-axis machine tools, and NC programs need to be generated according to three-dimensional models in professional CAM software.