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What Are the Changing Trends of Automotive Moulds?

At present, the global automotive mould industry is showing some development trends, namely: the effect of stamping process imitation (CAE) has become more prominent, the position of mold 3D planning has been stabilized, digital mold skills have become mainstream, and mold processing automation has developed rapidly.

1. The role of automotive mould stamping process simulation (CAE) is becoming more prominent

Over the years, with the development of computer software and hardware, the simulation skills (CAE) of the stamping process have played an increasingly important role.

In developed countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, and other developed countries, CAE skills have become a necessary part of the automotive mould planning and production process. They are widely used to guess forming defects, optimize stamping skills and automotive mould structure, enhance the reliability of automotive mould planning, and reduce testing. Modular time.

Many automotive mould companies have also achieved remarkable results in the application of CAE. The application of CAE skills can greatly save the cost of trial molds and shorten the development cycle of stamping molds, which has become the primary method to ensure mold quality. CAE skills are gradually transforming mold planning from experience planning to scientific planning.

2. The position of 3D planning of automotive moulds can be stabilized

The three-dimensional planning of automotive moulds is the primary content of digital automotive mould skills, and it is the basis for completing the integration of mold planning, production and inspection.

Some methods adopted in the 3D planning of automotive moulds abroad are worth learning. Three-dimensional planning of automotive moulds is conducive to the completion of integrated production, facilitates intervention inspection, and can conduct motion intervention analysis. This solves a difficult problem in three-dimensional planning.

3. The skills of digital automotive moulds have become mainstream

These years of digital automotive mould skills are an effective way to deal with many questions in the development of automotive moulds. The so-called digital mold skills are the application of computer skills or computer-aided skills (CAX) in the process of automotive mould planning and production.

4. The automation of automotive mould processing

Leading processing skills and equipment are the foundation to ensure productivity and product quality. Among leading automotive mould companies, it is not uncommon for CNC machine tools with dual worktables, active tool changers (ATC), photoelectric control systems for active processing, and online workpiece measurement systems to be uncommon. Numerical control processing has developed from simple profile processing to all processing of profile and structure surfaces, from medium and low-speed processing to high-speed processing, and the development of automated processing skills is very agile.