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Reasonability of Injection Molding Fees

The improvement of plastic performance makes injection products satisfy lives in countless ways. Vehicles, computers and mobile phones involve accessories made from plastic, which shows that plastic is inseparable from our life. Although every year the injection molding product has the extremely high sales volume, but must admit that the injection molding processing industry is a thin profit industry. In fact, the injection molding fee can be as much as 10% is a lot.

Injection molding industry has made great achievements in recent years but the survey discovered that many injection molding factories in China are not so glamorous some even have got into negative equity. The reasons are analyzed as follows:

1. The increasing worker costs squeeze on partial profit of the enterprise.

2. Higher raw material price. Oil prices keep at high level.

3. Low technical content of some plastic injection molding products enables many workshop minor enterprises to enter this field. Its low production cost results in the constant decrease of industry price.

4. Large-scale injection molding enterprises need advanced injection molding equipment but those of excellent performance are monopolized for long time. Injection molding manufacturers produce not so high precision devices, forcing many factories have to import equipment which are generally very expensive.

As product quality is getting more and more rigorous in the future, precision injection molding has become the future direction and those workshop enterprises will be wedded out one day which have not commanded the technology of precision injection molding at present. It also provides opportunities for the development of injection molding companies. Processing charges of high precision injection products must be higher than that of now, which makes a batch of excellent injection companies stand out.