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The Causes of Short Injection Products

The main reason for the dissatisfaction of injection molding products is the lack of material and the mismatch of injection pressure and speed (including excessive pressure loss caused by resistance).

1. The injection mold maker causes dissatisfaction with the injection of injection products

The plasticizing capacity or heating rate of the machine is uncertain, which will cause dissatisfaction with the injection product. You should choose a machine with a large plasticizing capacity and heating power. The abrasion of the screw and the barrel or the rubber head causes material return, and the actual filling modulus is unsatisfactory; the actual temperature of the barrel is too low due to the failure of the heating system such as thermocouple or heating coil; the sealing element of the injection cylinder is worn and causes oil leakage or backflow , The required injection pressure cannot be achieved; the inner hole of the nozzle is too small or the center of the nozzle is adjusted improperly, resulting in excessive resistance and pressure consumption.

2. The injection molding mold causes dissatisfaction with the injection of the injection product

The partial or overall temperature of the mold is too low to cause difficulty in feeding. Facing this problem, the temperature of the mold should be appropriately increased;

The cavity distribution of the injection molding mold is unbalanced. The wall thickness of the part is too thin, resulting in excessive pressure consumption and insufficient mold filling. At this time, the wall thickness of the whole part or part of it should be increased, or an auxiliary flow or gate can be set near the insufficient filling.

If the flow channel of the injection molding mold is too narrow, it will cause pressure loss.

Poor venting of the injection molding mold. The pressure of the gas that is too late to be discharged will block the material entering the cavity and cause the filling to be unsatisfactory. At this time, you can make full use of the screw gap to exhaust or reduce the clamping force, use the parting surface to exhaust, and open exhaust channels or pores if necessary.